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Side Hustle

Youth Entrepreneurship

The Side Hustle Program teaches youth ages 12 to 24 how to start a new income stream with their existing talents, skills, and capital while still attending school. Through an age-appropriate, highly engaging and fun setting, this program teaches youth how to generate business ideas for launching their side hustle business in two short days. The learning does not end here! After the in-person program, participants receive weekly youtube videos of business tips that will continue to motivate them and provide help in launching their business.  Also, one on one technical assistance will be provided to those needing additional resources and help throughout the process of business ownership. 


The program outline includes:

  • How to generate a business idea that will be a good side hustle

  • How to choose your best idea

  • Developing the tools and resources needed to start your hustle

  • How to launch your side hustle

  • Evaluating your side hustle

The program is offered year-round to fit the schedule of the youth participants. The program will be custom fit to the needs of your youth and is scheduled as three consecutive full days or five half days. Summer, school breaks, and weekend programs are available. Due to the demand of the program, schedule your program now, to ensure your days are reserved. 

This program is offered as a service to all native communities. IDRS will provide an experienced youth trainer, all curriculum materials, games and activity supplies. The tribal partner will provide youth, a physical location for the program, lunch and snacks. 

For more information please contact Camille Koster at (918) 408-8280 or

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