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Dispute Resolution Services

In addition to providing classroom training, we provide direct conflict resolution services to Native communities and organizations and government agencies. Our practitioners can work with your community to resolve specific disputes by serving as mediators, facilitators, factfinders, negotiation coaches and arbitrators. These conflicts can be between people within your own communities and organizations, and between your community and external entities such as federal, state, and local agencies. Under the banner of: “working things out by talking things through”, we introduce a step by step “collaborative problem-solving process” that brings people together and supports them to identify the “problems”, consider various options, and reach explicit written agreements on how to resolve them.
During the past thirty plus years, IDRS Inc. has helped resolve a broad range of disputes. We have assisted communities: restore tribal land bases; establish and protect Indian water rights; resolve land disputes; protect tribes’ sacred and historical sites and other cultural resources; restore the health of forests, fisheries, wildlife, rivers and streams; improve natural resource management; regulate toxic and solid waste dumping; and support tribal governments and federal, state, and county agencies to establish protocols for productive “government to government” consultations and negotiations.

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