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Election Administration

Over the past 25 years, IDRS has assisted dozens of tribes to conduct successful Tribal Council elections and special referenda. Tribes often turn to IDRS to manage the election process.  Utilizing an impartial third party decreases tensions between groups and individuals in the community and ensures a timely orderly transfer of power to newly elected leaders. IDRS is not committed to any substantive outcome other than a fair election.


A Tribe can contract with IDRS to conduct the entire election which is designed to be consistent with the tribes Constitution and Election Ordinance. An Elections Procedure Agreement will detail:

  • Implementation steps in instances where the Tribe’s Constitution and Ordinance failed to address
    these aspects of the election.


  • Mutual responsibilities of our staff and the Tribe’s Election Board

  • Dates for the election and election-related activities will be completed

  • Specific procedures for qualifying candidates

  • Procedures for handling absentee balloting

  • Explicit criteria for disqualifying votes


Upon completion of the Election Procedures Agreement, Tribal Council authorizes IDRS to administer the election by having each of its members sign the procedure agreement. After the Election has been completed, IDRS prepares a final report and certifies the election.

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