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Here is a couple articles on the longtime Cobell lawsuit.  It was recently was settled and the $3.4 billion settlement is a record for Native American claims against the government.  Notices are going out now to those who would be entitled to part of the settlement.  If you believe you are entitled and have not received notice be sure you file as soon as possible on the website www.IndianTrust.com or call 800-961-6109.  Settlement claims must be filed with 45 days of the Judge’s ruling which will be later this year.

Also the law firm that represented Eloise Cobell is seeking to double their law fees.  In retaliation, Representatives Young and Haskins have introduced legislation that would cap the legal fees for the case at $50 million.  Cobell’s lawyers had been seeking as much as $223 million.  Articles are below.

Montana, Wyoming Indians notified in Cobell settlement

By LORNA THACKERAY Of The Gazette Staff‌

A media campaign is under way to notify American Indians in Montana and Wyoming that they may be eligible for $1,000 or more from a settlement in the Cobell class action lawsuit.

The lawsuit alleged that the government mismanaged billions of dollars that individual Indians should have received in income from their trust lands.

“We have about 20,000 people in your area we need to reach,” said Tyler Tullis, an account assistant working with Desautel and Hege Communications of Washington, D.C.

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Lawyers seek to double fees in Indian claims case

(AP) – 5 days ago

WASHINGTON (AP) — Lawyers representing Native Americans helped win a record $3.4 billion settlement with the federal government.

Now they want a judge to double their fees.

Instead of being paid up to $99.9 million, as initially agreed, attorney Dennis Gingold says he other lawyers deserve at least $224 million for their work on the case since 1996.

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